Country: Nicaragua, Ecuador, Honduras
Length/Ring: 9 x 48
Shape: A Size
Wrapper: Natural
Strength: Medium

My Rating: 3.00 Stars

M.S.R.P: $5.50/Stick

Where to Buy: Tinderbox,, Cigars Direct

You may recognize this marca of cigar if you have been a In The Humidor reader for a while.  I did a review on the corona size of this cigar and was very disappointed.  Well I decided to give another vitola a go and decided on the rather large “A” size.  This vitola had a nice wrapper with little veins present.  The construction appeared to be of decent quality.  I don’t usually smoke cigars of this size so it was a tad awkward at first but it felt fine after the first 3rd.

The cigar itself is a nicaraguan and honduran filler with a Ecuadorian wrapper.  The medium to full bodied flavor is of earth and a bit of sweetness.  The cigar is not overpowering however, in fact it falls flat compared to other medium to full sticks.  I found this cigar to be rather boring by the end of the second 3rd.  The flavors never produced anything that grabbed me as it started to taste like air by the last 3rd.  This big boy was going to hit the ashtray without getting nubbed.

Was it better than the first?? Maybe a little.  I still cannot find myself to really enjoy these cigars, despite the write ups they receive by a well known cigar retailer…

  1. Travis Lindsay says:

    Great review of this cigar. I smoked one a little while ago and basically experienced the same things that you did. But, for me, not only was it completely boring but it also had a slightly tight draw, which I think accounts for the lack of flavors with this cigar.

    I don’t know about you but I was given this whole spiel about how this cigar was going to be a blockbuster of a cigar with tons of spice and definitely full bodied. Well, as you know, that was not the case. Too bad I guess.

  2. niko says:

    No kidding, it seems like these are trying to be pushed more and more lately. I’m sure they are a cigar they had high hopes for and it never took off, now they are left with a ton of them and nobody likes em… ha