There are many different ways to cut and light a cigar. Many people are more serious about the proper way to cut and light a cigar than others. For instance your high class business professionals are more apt to use a $100 cutter and and an expensive butane lighter, while your urban cowboy or rough neck type may bite the end off with their teeth and light it with sulphur matches. Whichever you are or you may be in between the two, i will tell you how i light a cigar.

First i grab the cigar firmly in my hands and make a guillotine cut with my $1.99 cutter found at your local tobacco shop, or if i cant find that cutter i use the bullet cutter on my keychain. I then wet around the base of the cut to “glue” together the loose ends of tobacco and form a solid base in which to draw from.

Next depending on what i have available, sulphur free matches or my butane lighter i roll the cigar in my mouth while lighting the fire making sure i touch every exposed part of the end of the cigar to try and get the most even burn. At first you may not get an even burn, you need to what i call “massage” the burn with blowing around the edges that are currently burnt into the areas that have not caught fire yet. Once you get the whole thing going and have a decent draw of smoke enjoy the cigar until it burns your fingers!

Happy Smoking!

  1. Isidro Lòpez Rios says:

    I am a Mexican citizen.
    A few days ago, somebody gave me a Leòn Jimènez Petit, it was a delicious experience for me. I have been trying to find these kind of cigars in Mexico City without success. Would you please inform me about your direct distributers in Mexico, I will realy appreciate your help.