CI Anniversary Epicure

Country: Honduras

Length/Ring: 6 x 52

Shape: Epicure


Strength: Medium – Full

MSRP: $5.50

Where to Buy: Tinderbox,, Cigars Direct

My rating: 4.5 stars

The CI Anniversary is an interesting cigar to say the least. This cigar is available in one size the Epicure – a fat 6”x52 toro shape – this unique cigar is handmade by Nestor Plasencia in Honduras. When you first take it out of the humidor you can tell its very well bulit. It is slightly boxed pressed but not square like other box pressed cigars. It opens with a deep, rich array of flavor that remains smooth from start to finish. It is very hard to pinpoint a certain flavor in this cigar because it is a powerhouse! I have not quite had a cigar like it ever. I could almost compare it to an ACID cigar it is so flavorful.

It’s quite mellow with a refined character, medium body, and long, lingering finish. I enjoyed this cigar with a good Shiraz by Robert Mondavi last night and they married quite well. If you are the type that likes your cigars very complex while staying smooth i would recommend this cigar to you! Cheers!

CI Anniversary
  1. John Werner says:

    I like this cigar too. I sometimes get one that is very spicy though most are spicy, but not overly so. They have a tendency to burn well for half the stick and not as well in the last half…I don’t understand this and on ones that really burn poorly toward the end I’ve noticed a bitter component so the consistency is not as good as a $8-$10 stick. I think they are solid medium bodied and are complex in that they have an array of tastes including caramel, coffee, leather, and spice. At the very reasonable price CI has dropped these to they’re more compelling.