A very interesting cigar hit my mailbox a couple weeks ago.  It was the new cigar from General cigars and the El Credito factory. 

The new El Credito cigar resembles that of a backwoods or a very rough cigar that I generally do not like.  This particular cigar is different though in that it is made with quality tobaccos handcrafted with Nicaraguan and Dominican filler leaves, bound with Connecticut Broadleaf and wrapped with Ecuadoran Habano.  This cigar does not get created using a mold but it is entirely created by hand so it has a rough, almost rustic look and feel.

The smoke from this cigar is very nice and full bodied.  These cigars are not for the mild cigar smokers as they pack a big punch in a little size.  I would recommend these for a quick smoke to those who enjoy full bodied cigars.