Poker and Cigars go hand in hand

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Poker games of the past were always thought of as a bunch of men sitting around a poker table smoking cigars, having a few drinks, and throwing money around.  Nowadays, health laws prevent players from smoking cigars while you play casino poker, but you will still find many home games where men play just like players did 100 years ago.  Here are some of the more common types of cigars that you will probably see smoked at most home poker games.

One of the more common types of cigars that you will see smoked are Macanudos.  This brand seems to be a big hit with men from 35 to 45 years of age.  This may be because many of them grew up with family members that smoked them or the fact that it was considered cool to smoke them in the 90’s and 2000’s.

The younger the player, the more likely you are going to see them smoke Boutique brands.  Tatuajes and Illusiones are the “In” cigars to have.  As well as many other newer cigars to hit the market, a lot of these cigars are not cheap so are mostly out of my price range.

King Edward Cigars seem to be a common choice, especially for your older players.  Paul McKinney took down the Seniors Event at the 2005 World Series of Poker at the tender age of 80.  Every day of the event, he had an unlit cigar in his mouth that was rumored to be a King Edward Cigar.  He was even seen in the winner’s photo with the cigar in his mouth.  That earned him the nickname “cigar” as well as a fat $207,725 payday.  He left the US casinos with that money and went right back to his home game with a bankroll big enough to fleece any of his buddies.

While cigars may no longer be allowed in live casino poker rooms, they are still part of the poker culture in home games.  The brand you may choose to smoke may vary, but many poker players would not think of showing up to their favorite home game without a good cigar to smoke.

What cigars do you enjoy while you play poker or any other games?  Do you go for the expensive boutique brands or do you enjoy a budget smoke?

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