Partagas 1845 Robusto Cigar Review

Posted on: June 5th, 2012 by
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Country: Dominican
Length/Ring: 5 1/2 x 49
Shape: Robusto
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Medium

MSRP: around $6.00

My Rating: 3.75 Stars!

Partagas is one of those cigar companies that have been around for so long sometimes we take them for granted.  Well they have made sure that we don’t when they teamed up with Benji Menendez a couple years and crafted the Master series which was a wonderful cigar.  Well this is another one of those attempts for them to do something different.  The cigar is the Partagas 1845 which just recently hit the shelves at your local Tobacconist. I haven’t really ever been a big fan of their domestic series cigars but I love the Cubans.  I went into this cigar with high hopes coming off the Benji release so maybe my expectations were a bit high.  Let’s see…

The cigar looks nice with a few small veins.  The wrapper is a nice Ecuadorian Habano with hardly a noticeable sheen from oils.  The cigar has a nice feel in the hand and prelight smells of hay and barnyard.  Lighting it up I get a slight spice followed by hints of wood.  The cigar burned well throughout, but for me stayed pretty much one dimensional and got a slight bit bitter towards the end.  This was not a bad cigar but it’s probably not something I would buy all the time, even at the good price point.  The cigar may need to rest as it could have been too young.

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