We Welcome Mike and Jeff to the In the Humidor team, they have a lot of cigar smoking experience and will be a great addition.

Jeff has many years experience in the cigar world.  I know he can bring us some great insite.

Michael is in the military and has been smoking for about 6 months, he is still developing his palate but already has great knowledge in cigars.  He leaves for Iraq in January so lets wish him luck with that!

You can also find them on Cigarpass.com.  Again, welcome to the In The Humidor team!

  1. Michael says:

    Hey guys!!! As Nick already told you, I’ve only been smoking for about 7 months or so. Since being fairly new to cigars, my pallette just isn’t up to par with some of you. My goal here is to provide my take on certain cigars from a new guys perspective. I’ve smoked some really good cigars so far so look for some premium cigar reviews coming your way.