Country: Dominican Republic

Length/Ring: 5 x 52

Shape: Belicoso
Strength: Med – Full

M.S.R.P: $4.50

My Rating: 4.75 Stars

This is a great cigar that i had heard so much about that i had to try them and give them a review. They are made by Jose Blano in the famous La Aurora Factory. This cigar is a true Dominican Puro, made entirely of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic. I had read numerous reviews for this cigar that stated all of the fine qualities that it posses and they were right.

On the initial light up i toasted the foot and surveyed the wrapper. It was smooth with very little veins noticeable and had a nice brownish red hue. The band is nice, not over the top but to the point. I took a few puffs off of this sitck and i could tell that it was med – full bodied yet not overpowering. There were nice flavors of floral and wood. I also got ample amounts of smoke and it was never bitter or harsh. I nubbed this thing, thank goodness i bought a box so i can enjoy them even more.