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We all love our cigars, from smoking them, to talking about them, to reviewing them but the cigar experience is so much more than just that cigar you have in your hand. How will you cut it? Light it? Carry it? Where will you put it down at? So many other factors go into the cigar smoking experience that we have decided to launch a new thread here at In The Humidor and we are going to call it, “Kick Ash Accessories”. These reviews will be on cigar accessories that we have used first hand, own, or have played with. So let’s kick things off with our first review of Ashbox by Derek featuring his custom cigar rests.

Ever head out to a BBQ, the lake, the golf course, or just anywhere that may not have an ashtray and run into the problem of not having anywhere to sit your cigar? I know I have and I bet most cigar smokers have run into this issue at least once or twice. While browsing some of my cigar Facebook pages, I came across a post about custom cigar rests and was instantly intrigued as the one design that I saw had the Seattle Seahawks logo laser etched into the wood. So I reached out to Ashbox by Derek on Facebook Messenger about getting one made with the logo of my horrible, yet beloved New York Jets, and just a minute later I received a response back.  After chatting for a bit, getting the design idea down, he let me know that later that night he would do a prototype and send it over for my approval. When he did that, I can honestly say he nailed the exact design and look that I was going for! I paid him via Paypal and my cigar rest was shipped the next day. Below are the details of the order.

Cost: $20 including shipping (Add $3.00 if you want the design on both legs of the cigar rest)
Wood Options: Padauk, Purple Heart, Walnut, Birds Eye Maple, Wenge, American Cherry, and Zebra Wood (selections may vary based upon availability) I went with the Birds Eye Maple
Delivery Time: My cigar rest arrived in 3 days.

The package came right on time and the cigar stand came in two pieces. They are put together easily just by sliding them together. Just as easy, you can take the legs apart and pop them in your jeans and be on your way to the golf course, the BBQ, or as I use it a lot, at the local cigar shop. There are times when I am at the local cigar shop enjoying my cigar, a good book, and its pretty busy so just sitting your cigar in an ashtray that a couple other people are using can be a hassle to those other patrons so I love having this available and keep it right next to me with no worries. I have had numerous compliments about how it looks (minus the jokes about it having the Jets logo) and people seem very pleased when they hear the price of the cigar rest.

As you can see from above, its a perfect fit with my set up in the Man Cave and I will recommend this product to anyone. You can contact Derek on Facebook by searching Ashbox by Derek. He also does custom made cigar boxes that are just stunning! You can also reach him on Etsy at the address below.

Rating: This product in my eyes, for what I paid for it, the response time, and how its treated me so well, is simply 5 stars! I highly recommend this to anyone and hope you all will sport yours proudly, whether you have your pro sports or college team on it, or any other customization that you desire. Some others that I have seen have been cigar company logos, Back the Blue designs, American Flag, Firefighter Emblem, and the Punisher logo just to name a few.

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