The Art of the Cigar

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I was talking to my wife the other night about the finer things in life; cigars, wine, and the like and it  really got me thinking about how a fine cigar is crafted and blended.  Every last detail from the filler to the wrapper and binder have to be meticulously thought about and planned for.  The way the cigar smokes in the end has every bit to do with each of those parts as it does the vitola itself and the way it was rolled.  Thinking back on all of the different cigars I have smoked over the years I have a very good understanding on how all those things brought together in rolled tobacco bliss can create such relaxation and comfort.

When strolling through the humidor of your local tobacconist there is a smell and feeling that rushes over you that makes you feel like a kid in a candy store.( For me It brings back memories of my father smoking a cigar on the deck at sunset and the smells of the smoldering tobacco will always be on my mind.  The conversation can’t be beat as well as the time spent together.)  Looking over the newest offerings and seeing the shining coat of oils on your favorite cigars is a very enjoyable experience.  The selection of a cigar you have never had is exciting as you light up new smells and flavors.  Most of the good cigar shops have a nice lounge where you can relax and enjoy your new smoke.  Kick back in a recliner or leather couch, clip and light the cigar and take your first puff of pleasure.  Be sure and savor the time you have at the tobacconist for it can be the most rewarding time of the entire day.

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