La Aurora presents La Aurora 115th anniversary

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Santiago de los Caballeros September 11, 2018

La Aurora presents La Aurora 115th anniversary

115 years have passed since Eduardo León Jimenes founded the oldest and most internationally renowned cigar factory in the Dominican Republic, maintaining the values of quality, dedication, effort and perfection that have characterized it since its founding.

In commemoration of the date, La Aurora introduces a new cigar, La Aurora 115 Anniversary, in three different editions: 115 Anniversary Edition, 115 Anniversary Limited Edition and 115 Anniversary Jar Edition.

The Aurora 115 Anniversary Edition will come in four formats: Belicoso, Robusto, Gran Toro and Churchill. In addition, thinking about the collectors and lovers of our brand, we have produced a limited edition Belicoso of La Aurora 115 Anniversary with only 3,000 boxes and 115 Anniversary Jar Edition, a special commemorative jar in Gran Toro format, with only 800 jars worldwide.

This cigar, La Aurora 115 anniversary, is the culmination of a meticulous selection process that pays homage to our centennial values of quality and perfection. With an oily layer grown in the Dominican Republic, the cigar offers spicy notes such as cinnamon, peppers, rich notes of wood such as cedar and nuts are evident throughout the smoke.

The Aurora 115 Anniversary, in all its editions, will be presented at the next InterTabac Fair (International Tobacco Products and Accessories for Smoking) held in the city of Dortmund from September 21 to 23, 2018.

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