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May 27, 2019 – Austin, Texas
Memorial Day offers Southern Draw Cigars another opportunity to remember and honor our brothers and sisters who have died while serving in our United States Armed Forces. Our Veteran Owned and Operated company is honored to share the IGNITE 2019 cigar releases benefitting the Navy SEAL Foundation. Once again the Southern Draw Cigars family is joining our premium cigar retailers, sponsors, industry media and supportive consumers to bring awareness and to offer financial support to services that are important to our family. Southern Draw Cigars is also proud to announce the initial launch dates of the NEW cigars as we come

together to IGNITE some good.
“We are honored to have Southern Draw Cigars supporting the
Navy SEAL Foundation with this promotion. As a company owned
and operated by veterans, their commitment to giving back
through their IGNITE program is incredible and the Navy SEAL
Foundation is thrilled to be named as one of their benefitting
charities for 2019”, Chris Irwin, Director of Partnerships at the
Navy SEAL Foundation. www.navySEALfoundation.org
The charitable giving and event schedules for IGNITE 2019 will be
led by Southern Draw Cigars family members, Harry “Phil” and
Shelly Hogan U.S. Navy Retired (the namesakes of the popular
cigar blend CEDRUS- THE HOGAN), and Daniel Peterson US
Navy Retired, SEAL Team 1 – BUD/S Class 54. “The Navy SEAL
Foundation offers many areas of support and our family has
selected two vitally important areas to focus our charitable
contributions. 1)Warrior Transition – transition from active duty
service into civilian life and 2)Warrior and Family Support – providing strength, resiliency and
peace of mind via family support programs,” stated Shelly Hogan.

IGNITE 2019 will include a total of 50,000 cigars packaged in 5,000 black enamel humi-jars with radiant gold lettering, offering six NEW cigar offerings throughout 2019. Each release will offer a single blend and a single size cigar packaged in the newly designed IGNITE 2019 humi-
jars and a small amount of 10 count bundles. All IGNITE cigars are perfectly protected by Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control and a freshness seal, each donated by IGNITE sponsor www.bovedainc.com. Each purchase of IGNITE 2019 humi-jar will result in a charitable contribution of 12.5% of the cost to the Navy SEAL Foundation only possible as each
valued retail partner jointly contributes to the selected charity. For more information on the IGNITE Mission, Vision and Values please visit us at www.southerndrawcigars.com/ignite “We are honored to announce the initial launch of IGNITE 2019 with collaborative events at Crown City Cigars www.crowncitycigars.com and McP’s Irish Pub www.mcpspub.com both in
Coronado, California, which will host Southern Draw Cigars, the Navy SEAL Foundation and the community as we celebrate the National Release of IGNITE 2019 on June 20 th from 3 pm – 6pm PST,’ per Robert and Sharon Holt of Southern Draw Cigars. “We will continue the National Launch with a friends and family celebration at Beach House Winery www.beachhousewinery.com in Fallbrook, California on June 21 st from 3pm – 6pm, hosted by Kim and George Murray, who are also Southern Draw Cigars family members. The IGNITE 2019 releases may be pre-ordered (please note the specific cigar blend requested, as detailed below) by contacting Crown City Cigars or Beach House Winery in advance of the launch events. Following the launch, they will be available to all valued retail partners of Southern Draw Cigars. Retailers who are interested in these special releases and the charitable project are urged to contact Southern Draw Cigars to order,” added Holt. For those who are able to support the charity but unable to attend one of these launch events,
please visit the Navy SEAL Foundation website and make direct contributions. Southern Draw Cigars will announce additional IGNITE retailers and future event dates including the End of Summer Smokeout on Saturday August 17 in Chesapeake, Virginia hosted by Atlantic Dominion
Distributors (a ticket only event that may be purchased by visiting

Cigar Blend Information.
Q2 releases: (Q3 and Q4 release details will be offered at a later day)

  1. Name. Private Blend Connecticut #1
    Wrapper: Ecuador – Binder: Nicaragua – Filler: Nicaragua and Dominican Republic
    Size: Double Corona 7.5×50
    Mild+ Body, Medium Flavor
    Production: 11,000 cigars
    Packaging: 800, 10 count IGNITE humi-jars, 300, 10 count bundles
    MSRP: $11.69 single cigar, $116.99 10 count humi-jar (subject to retail discretion)
  2. Name. Private Blend Corojo 99 #4
    Wrapper: Honduras – Binder: Nicaragua & Honduras – Filler: Nicaragua & Honduras

Size: Rothschild 5.0×50
Medium+ Body, Medium-Full Flavor
Production: 11,000 cigars
Packaging: 800, 10 count IGNITE humi-jars, 300, 10 count bundles
MSRP: $11.49 single cigar, $114.99 10 count humi-jar (subject to retail discretion)

  1. Name. Private Blend Habano #3
    Wrapper: Ecuador – Binder: Nicaragua – Filler: Brazil, Nicaragua & Ecuador
    Size: Double Corona 7.5.50
    Medium Body, Medium+ Flavor
    Production: 11,000 cigars
    Packaging: 800, 10 count IGNITE humi-jars, 300, 10 count bundles
    MSRP: $11.69 single cigar, $116.99 10 count humi-jar (subject to retail discretion)

IGNITE humi-jars
● Initially offering a choice of three NEW blend and two classic sizes that hold 10 cigars each of Double Corona or Rothschild
● Cigar bands representing the Navy SEAL Foundation with complimentary secondary bands that define each cigar blend and identify it as a product that proudly supports the Foundation.
● 10 count cigar bundles are wrapped in the new Southern Draw Cigars tissue paper and cello for packing.

● A Navy SEAL Foundation brochure is included in each jar and the Navy SEAL Foundation die cut sticker has been carefully applied to the cap of each humi-jar.

Please direct all questions, comments and requests about IGNITE or to inquire about sponsorship or retail opportunities to [email protected]. For general information about Southern Draw Cigars, a list of retail partners and reviews, please visit us at www.southerndrawcigars.com.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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