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Partagas is launching “Cortado,” the brand’s first Connecticut Shade-wrapped offering and the first Partagas line to be handcrafted by artisans in Nicaragua.

The new, four-cigar collection has just begin shipping to retailers. 

Matt Wilson, senior brand manager for Partagas said, “With interest in the Partagas brand continuing to grow, we felt it was the right time to expand the brand portfolio with a mellow-to-medium-bodied blend. The team and I are especially proud of Partagas Cortado’s incredible versatility when it comes to pairing. The blend is creamy and complex, and its taste notes can push forward or bow to other flavors, depending on the pairing.  We feel our Nicaraguan artisans did a wonderful job with the blend and look forward to sharing it with Partagas fans, old and new.” 

Handcrafted at STG Esteli in Nicaragua, Partagas Cortado is wrapped in a silky Ecuadoran-grown Connecticut Shade wrapper, and features an Indonesian binder over a blend of Honduran Jamastran and San Andres tobacco, with Nicaraguan Condega and Jalapa. The experience encompasses notes of subtle spice and sweetness flanked by earthy nuances, and delivers a pleasant aroma.

Cortado is presented in wooden wrap-set boxes that align with the aesthetic of Partagas Black Label and Yellow. The blend is being released in four sizes to complement a range of smoking occasions.

Corona (5.5” x 42) – SRP per cigar $6.39 (20 cigars per box)

Robusto (5” x 50)– SRP per cigar $7.19 (20 cigars per box)

Toro (6” x 52)– SRP per cigar $7.59 (20 cigars per box)

Presidente (8” x 54)– SRP per cigar $8.99 (10 cigars per box)

Partagas Cortado is being distributed by The Forged Cigar Company.

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