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Macanudo 1968 Court Tin

Macanudo 1968 answered the call of tenured smokers looking for the next new taste experience from America’s favorite premium brand. The tradition continues with Macanudo 1968 Court, a new frontmark made specifically for smoking occasions that are short on time but demand the flavor and complexity of a full-sized smoke. Packed in a sturdy tin, Macanudo 1968 Court (4 3/16” x 36) is a highly portable, accessible complement to any tenured smoker’s favorite occasion.  The SRP is $13.99 for a five cigar tin. Macanudo 1968 Court will debut in late August.

Partagas Black Label Colossal

Big and bold are the two best ways to sum up Partagas Black Label Colossal (5” x 60), a burly new smoke from the venerable Dominican brand. Not for the faint of heart, this large-ring frontmark rounds out the highly-rated collection and is ideal for the initiated smoker. Partagas Black Label Colossal will debut in late August, with a suggested retail price per cigar of $ 7.39 or $147.80 for a box containing 20 cigars.

CAO OSA Sol New Sizes

The provocative taste of CAO OSA Sol has won the cigar a place in the humidors of even the most hard-to -please cigar enthusiasts. Thanks to its devoted fan base zealots who are quick to spread the gospel of this cult favorite, CAO is proud to welcome two new frontmarks called Lot T (4 ½” x 50) and Lot 46 (5 ¼” x 46) to the OSA Sol lineup. Sneak previews at special CAO events held throughout the year have sparked demand for this duo of new offerings which are sure to be a quick sellout following their late August retail debut.  Both Lot T and Lot 46 will be available for an SRP per cigar of $5.50, or $137.50 for a 25-count box.

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