Arango Cigar Co. Is New Exclusive US Distributor for Falcon Pipes

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Arango Cigar Co. is now distributing Falcon brand pipes, after acquiring exclusive US
marketing rights from Music City Marketing in 2017. The modern Falcon Pipe System’s
unmatched combination of quality, value, performance and versatility has gained acclaim over
more than a half-century.
The Falcon System provides a cool, dry and clean smoke. The key is the one-piece aluminum
base and stem combination. Moisture condenses in the base, and the heat radiates from the stem
and open frame. All Falcon System components are interchangeable, resulting in over 2,000
configurations. Interchangeability allows smokers to economically rotate bowls to rest them, and
to wipe the collected moisture from the base.
Many briar bowls are offered in a wide variety of shapes, smooth and rusticated finishes,
some with meerschaum lining. The base/stem is available four different ways, including
Chrome, Extra Brown and International, all in straight or bent styles. The fourth stem option,
Twisted, is offered in several colors, but only with a straight stem.
Arango is also distributing Falcon CoolWay traditional briar pipes, in six shapes. The bowls
are offered in several colors and finishes. They come in straight and bent styles, and have black
bits in regular or saddle configurations. Their stems accept standard absorbent filters.
Manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing is $56.
According to Arango’s president, Michael Gold, “The Falcon concept, American-designed in
1936, has dried and cooled the smoking experience for Falcon devotees worldwide.”
The Falcon System is highly affordable. The bowls retail for $30 (slightly more for
meerschaum-lined models). The stem/bit combinations are $20 ($35 for the International).
Extra bits cost $15.

Arango’s recently-acquired Falcon System pipes, plus the CoolWay briars, will be featured in
the Arango pavilion at IPCPR 2018. Arango now has Falcon inventory ready for immediate
Photo captions: Arango Cigar Co. is now the exclusive US distributor for all Falcon System
and Falcon CoolWay pipes.


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