Country: Honduras
Length/Ring: 6″ x 56
Shape: Toro
Strength: Medium – Full

MSRP: $16.00

My Rating: 2.5 Stars

Where to Buy: Tinderbox,, Cigars Direct


Camacho has had the annual release of the liberty for some years now.  I had yet to try one until I got my hands on this one.  The cigar comes in a very nice cedar coffin and dressed with tissue paper and numbered out of 40,000.  The cigar smells great with hay and cedar notes.

Initial light up was of some faint caramel and more cedar.  The cigar was smoking nice until the second third and the burn was getting horrible.  I expected a smooth even burn from a cigar in this price range but that’s not what i got.  The flavors started to fade away as i got into the last 3rd of this smoke.  Towards the end I was getting a bitter taste and it was burning hot.


The cigar is fine for an everyday smoke if the price range wasn’t outrageous, but a smoke like this and the presentation offered should have revealed a much better smoking experience.  I would not recommend this smoke for the price.  If it was a $6-$7.00 smoke I would probably buy a couple.

  1. Dan Snate says:

    Yeah, I’ve gotta say the price isn’t too friendly. Some of the other sticks found at have great value, especially for the novices. You can use the Find My Cigar feature that helps people narrow down to one’s they’d like. Pretty neat! Thanks for sharing.