When did you first get into smoking cigars and what was your inspiration for doing it?

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  1. niko says:

    I’ll start this out. It was around the late 90’s when I started smoking cigars. My dad used to sit with his friend and enjoy a cigar whenever we were visiting them and I remembered how fascinating they smelled. My road was typical of cigar smokers in that I started with black and mild’s or swisher sweets. Of course I couldn’t even look at those today let alone smoke one. I got more into premium smokes as my tastes grew and eventually decided to start this website to share my experiences with everybody. This truly is a great hobby.

  2. Duane Hansen says:

    I started smoking cigars when I was 17. They had always intrigued me. I, of course, started with Swisher Sweets Blunts 5 packs until one day, a close friend of mine, who had taken me under his wing, handed me my first premium cigar: an H. Upmann. To this day that brand remains on of my favorites and now I’m 30.

  3. foozer69 says:

    my first experience was in or around 2000-2001 when i first got in the car biz, i would see the number one salesman always smoke a stogie after selling a car!! and it looked so cool and sorta a sign of success so i tried and look at me now!!!

  4. Andy says:

    It was 2001 when I enjoyed my first cigar. We were on duty in the middle east and got to stop through a Duty Free store. I lucked out and was able to enjoy a nice Cohiba and later a Monte Cristo. To this day, my favorite stick is still a Monte Cristo #2.

  5. Dustin Hodges says:

    I had never been into smoking of any sorts until my big brother had taken me into a cigar shop and the smell of the shop had won me over. I had first started smoking a cigar on rare occasion then suddenly found myself dabbling with different flavors on a more regular occasion. To this day I still don’t have a favorite as there are many more cigars that I wish to try out.

  6. AUSTIN says:

    I was 15 when I first tried a black and mild and I thought it was probably the best thing in the world and naturally it made me look really cool. I continued to smoke those for a while and dabbled in cheap cigars from the local cigar bar in Abilene, “the leaf.” I was iffy about them, didn’t really appreciate a cigar. Then I tried the Macanudo Gold Label and loved it. A buddy of mine went to Puerto Rico a few days later and smuggled a cuban cigar into the states for me and gave it to me. I can’t remember what it was called but, I thought it was so cool because that is all I have ever heard about cigars was that cubans were awesome. So I smoked it in probably 15 minutes and immediately threw up everywhere for a solid 2 hours. After that I was hooked.

  7. Andy K says:

    First was smoking a store bought White Owl. Just to see if I would like smoking. Just after my 18th birthday and that was an off an on thing. It wasn’t until 20 when I bought my first box of cigars Hoyo de Monterrey Crystals. Back during the BOOM YEARS of the 90s

  8. LifeWisher17 says:

    I smoked off and on for years. I was basically buying ‘yard gars’ and smoking them when I was fishing, golfing, etc. One day a friend gave me a Padron, and that was it, I was hooked. Most recently, I joined reddit.com/r/cigars and the hobby really exploded for me. There is really so many awesome cigars out there that you would never experience just going to a B&M.

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