#4 (5.2″ x 43)

First let me say that I have not smoked too many seconds. Why not? Well I’m not sure, I just thought they would be horrible with bad tobacco. Boy was I wrong. I am really blown away by how good these cigars are. When they say they are basically the real thing just much cheaper, they are not BSing you.

This particular cigar is from the La Aurora family. I believe it is from the original LA blend Cameroon. These cigar have very small flaws on them, some of them I noticed had sun spots on them. Some had a few veins visible but believe me none of that had anything to do with the smoking experience these produce.

The smoke itself that I had was the #4 corona size. It produced ample amounts of smoke and the flavor was wonderful. It had some cedar and a touch of sweet notes. I would recommend this cigar to anyone, especially at the price point. Around $1.00/Stick.