What we are going to do here is something we have never done at ITH before.  I am going to review the entire blend line from Urbano cigars.  Matt Urbano has been kind enough to send me some samples to try and review so I will give it my best foot forward and try each one of these out fairly and consistently.

The Urbano cigar line consists of 3 different blends; the Connecticut shade, Corojo, and the Sumatra.  There are also a value line that I will be getting to later when I launch my new value line exclusive reviews.

The first cigar up to bat is the Connecticut shade torpedo.  This cigar looks good, there are a few veins in the wrapper so it isn’t flawless.  The wrapper is the usual light shade you come to expect from a Connecticut.  Initial light up was of faint nuts and a hint of cream although I did notice it wasn’t like a lot of other lighter mild cigars on the market, this one had some depth.  It’s hard to describe exactly what it was that was different, maybe it was the deeper creamy character that started to develop in the 2nd half of the cigar and it had a hint of citrus.  The cigar smoked very well with an even burn all the way through.  For a boutique cigar that needs to stand out in the crowd this one did in the light Connecticut category.  For the price point I would smoke this again (around $5.00/stick).

The next cigar in this line is the Sumatra wrapper blend.  This wrapper is notorious for having a sweet quality to it and it did come through in this cigar.  The samples I was given were very nice looking and in the same build quality as the Connecticut.  The burn was just as good as the previous cigar and the consistency was on par as well.  The sweetness did come through and was not overwhelming.  I really enjoyed this cigar as I think it was my favorite in the line.

The last but not least cigar was the Corojo wrapped beauty.  The wrapper was a bit veiny although it did not hinder the experience.  Lots of spice up front from the 3 year triple fermented stick.  This all Dominican cigar delivered the spice in the beginning then settled down with some nuts and a hint of earth.  All cigars in this line smoked well with plenty of thick white smoke.

I recommend these smokes to beginner and intermediate smokers as they have the perfectly pronounced flavors that all palates could recognize.  I would give this line a 4 star rating and wish Matt Urbano continued success in the business.