Being in Vegas is nothing without sharing it with your friends. I met up with Eric, Tommy Boy, Ray, and Pablo from Socialcigar while I was out there. What a rowdy bunch we were, espcially Tommy Boy… =-)

The first day of the show is always the busiest, and boy was I in for a treat working the Camacho booth that day. When I first arrived on the floor it was absolutely packed, there was an unbelievable amount of retailers trying to get their orders in and take advantage of the first day specials. I was briefed on the specials and let go to help out with the customers from my Reps region. It was fun taking orders and learning more about Camacho while teaching others a few things.


Eric – Me – Ray outside of the V-bar

After the show we attended the Camacho private party in the Venetian V-Bar. You had to have a wrist band to get in and be in the top 10 percentile in the nation for height…. not really but it sounded good because I’m 6’5″. Anyway the parties were awesome, every night after the show Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We would get in and be greeted at the door with a mojito and a wonderful Camacho cigar. Find our place to sit or stand amongst the thick clouds of smoke.


Front left to Right: Tommy Z Man, Ray, Greg, Me, Eric, 2 guys we met that night

Tuesday night Tommy Boy, Tommy Z man, Eric, and Ray were all sitting around telling jokes and drinking our mojitos(above)… what a memorable experience. I think… from what I can remember anyway. haha Those martinis were strong I tell you!

The CAO party was unbelivable as well, Lynard Skynard was there jamming up some “Freebird” and “That Smell” while were were trying to jam up to the bar for our free drinks. The lines were crazy unless you had a bald hefty looking friend like I did. Even though he did have his fair share that night, and I mean FAIR. I guess I did as well… But i digress. Skynard was awesome as I saw him last year here in Dallas and It wasn’t even close to being as good.

There were dancers all over the place, by the pool, on top of ledges just dancing away. Some big drunk old guys would go up and start dancing with them which was hilarious. It was a great time that I will always remember, even if I don’t remember most of it.

Good ‘ol Vegas.