Press Release: Urbano Economy Bundles

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Press Release:  Long-Filler, Hand-Made Premium Cigars

“For Everyday Guys”

   “With five wrappers and five shapes, we haven’t left any cigar smoker behind.”  The speaker is Matt Urbano, founder and owner of Urbano Cigars, Inc.  “Our new 100% long-filler, hand-made Urbano Economy Bundles meet every smoker’s criterion for variety, satisfaction, and affordability.  These mild- to medium-bodied cigars are our latest introduction, and are targeted at the many daily smokers who are looking for an honest cigar that won’t break their budget.”

Urbano Economy Bundles’ wrapper selections are Connecticut Shade, Sumatra, Habano, Corojo and Maduro.  They are available in Robusto, Torpedo, Toro, Churchill, and the company’s new 6″ x 60 shape.  As an extra quality touch, the heads are double-capped, to prevent the messy frustration of having a cap unravel in the mouth.

There’s real value in these smokes … the long filler and binder are all top-quality Dominican tobaccos that have been painstakingly fermented, then patiently aged.  They are hand-made by a Cuban-owned Dominican boutique cigar factory, then aged another three months.  Each cigar is individually cellophane-sheathed, and packaged in plastic-wrapped bundles.  All shapes are packaged 25 cigars to the bundle, except for the 6″ x 60, which comes 20 to a bundle.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing for the Connecticut and Sumatra start at $48 (Robusto), and top out at $55 (6″ x 60).  The Corojo, Habano and Maduro-wrapped cigars retail for $48 (Robusto) to $60 (6″ x 60).

Quoting Urbano, “Long-filler, hand-made Economy Bundles compete head-to-head with mass-produced, ‘no-names,’ factory seconds and overrun items.  They’re perfect for today’s depressed economy, delivering premium flavor, quality and affordability to the everyday guy.”  Urbano Economy Bundles are now available at tobacco retailers nationwide.

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