Approximately how many cigars do you own?  What is the cigar you have the most of?

Please post your comments in the section below and keep entries to around 300 words or less.  Thanks!  Good Luck!

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  1. foozer69 says:

    i would have to say about 100-125, and the rocky patel sumatra would have to be the most smoked in my bunch followed by a alec bradlet black market!!!

  2. David Rice says:

    I have a little over 500 Cigars, currently the most of what I have is E.P Carrillo Edición Limitada 2011 “Dark Rituals

  3. Ryan says:

    I have 67 cigars in my humidor. I have 16 Padilla Connecticut Legacies which I use to give to friends who are not avid smoker’s and want a nice mild stick to smoke. Also, it’s hand rolled, etc so it seems very fancy.

    Just gave away my last Repesado in a trade as well.

  4. Sergio says:

    Since I barely started to get into cigars I have just 12. I’ve been sampling a lot to figure out what I like. I bought a 5-pack of Isla del Sol, so, that’s the one I have the most of.

  5. Hayden says:

    I have 5 cigars. The most being Garcia Vega cigarillos. I just haven’t had it in my budget in a very long time to have any premium tobacco products. Er, I guess I should 4 cigars 😛

  6. luis luquis says:

    Hello, I have about 6 cigars in my humi (new smoker) and I hvae 4 perdomo reserve champagne( which came with my travel humi) I think it would be cool to try these! Thanks!

  7. niko says:

    Wow, some people are just starting out and others have a bunch. I have a lot, probably at least 500. Keep those comments rolling in!

  8. Conor says:

    I have about 20 cigars, maybe a little less, in my humidor. I have 3 gran habano azteca, which i have the most of.

  9. Adam W says:

    I own around 125 cigars, of which my most common is the Drew Estate Java. I have about 7 or 8 of those.

  10. Cameron says:

    Right now? I think somewhere in the 40s. I don’t usually stack my humidor with the same cigar, so I have a huge selection, but right now the cigar that dominates is the Opus X Perfecxion #4.

  11. John says:

    I currently have 563 cigars in my inventory with about 90 or so on the way.

    The most single brand I have right now is Casa Magna Robusto Oscuro of which I have 29 left. The next would be the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Signature which I have 23 of.

  12. MattyBlayze says:

    I have somewhere around 150 cigars currently, and probably more Crowned Head Four Kicks Corona Gordas than anything at the moment. Maybe DE MUWAT Baitfish as I did just pick up some of them – not sure.

  13. matt smith says:

    I have about 25 sticks. I am slowly learning about the finer points of cigars so the majority of my sticks are one-offs from trades or samplers. I have a few of the Alec Bradley Black Markets which I have been enjoying. Thanks for the contest.

  14. Jordan says:

    I currently have about 30-40 cigars in my humidor. I have no duplicates. I am still pretty new to smoking, so I only buy singles and samplers so I can find what I like best.

  15. LifeWisher17 says:

    I have about 30 cigars total in my humi right now. I have a pretty good mix, but I probably have the most Man O Wars right now. I just got a couple samplers of them.

  16. Sean says:

    I only have 6 in mine right now. Been smoking more often than buying. Anyways, of the 6, 5 are the Gurkha Titan II

  17. C.Moscardini-Hall says:

    We have about 200 cigars. One of our current favorites is the Hoyo de Monterrey Reposado en Cedros, but we have more Joya de Nicaragua right now.

  18. niko says:

    luis luquis, Adam W, Jordan, and LifeWisher17 please send me your mailing address to: inthehumidor at


  19. Stephen says:

    I have about 180. I smoke a lot of Feunte cigars and CAO. Oh the Padron Anniversary is one of my favorites.

  20. jeremiah goudy says:

    I have around 80 cigars. I recently started smoking good cigars so I still have a lot of cheap machine rolled cigars and some cheaper random sampler cigars. I still have 40 some philles titans.

  21. Brian says:

    I’m brand new to the world of smoking cigars. I only have 17 cigars in the humidor. No duplicates yet. Looking at getting a couple Alec Bradley Family Blends in the next few days, though…

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