Crux Cigars Introduces Short Salomone Series

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December 19, 2018

Crux Cigars Introduces Short Salomone Series

(Miami, Fla.) – Crux Cigars has announced the introduction of the Crux Short Salomone Series. The initial production will include three of their popular blends; Epicure, Guild, and Limitada.

Each will be debuted in short run fashion, produced in limited quantities. The initial production will be 10-count boxes of 500 or less. The Short Salomone is a 6 x 54 vitola.

The company are taking pre-orders through December 31st.

“We are excited to announce these short run releases. We are continually looking to enhance our portfolio and the smoking pleasure of our brand,” shared Crux Cigars President Jeff Haugen, “and frankly, we enjoy challenging ourselves and our team.”

The cigars are rolled by a single pair at the La Catedral de Tabaco factory in Esteli, Nicaragua:

Epicure Short Salomone                  $12.99 MSRP/Cigar    InitialProduction: 500 boxes

Guild Short Salomone        $11.99 MSRP/Cigar     Initial Production: 200 boxes

Limitada Short Salomone   $13.99 MSRP/Cigar     Initial Production: 300 boxes

Release Date: Spring 2019

For questions or additional details, contact [email protected]

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