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New Jersey 09/10/2019 – Hiram & Solomon Cigars has just announced the collaboration for the Northeast Region from Philadelphia City to Maine with Cigar & the Good Life, which specializes in lifestyle branding. 

Cigar & The Good Life is comprised of Joshua Nollie and Terrin Phillips, and they primarily target the Cigar, Spirits, and Couture fashion industries. 

Both Joshua and Terrin are devoted to the Craft of Freemasonry and deeply understand the philosophy behind creating our brand. 

Joshua and Terrin have been fans, as well as consumers, of Hiram and Solomon Cigars for about two years, having seen the company grow tremendously. 

Joshua and Terrin, as they explained, could not be more thrilled than to collaborate with our company. 

The Cigar industry is an industry built and held together on the great relationships that’s made over time, and Cigar & The Good Life would simply like to continue strengthening and growing the coming force in the Cigar industry that is Hiram and Solomon Cigars. 

Hiram & Solomon Cigars 
If you would like more information about this topic please call David Umbria, at (732) 447-4996 or email him at, [email protected]

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