Kurt A. Kendall Announces Regular Production for Hustler and New Spider Brands


Kurt A. Kendall, founder of 7-20-4 Cigars, has added two regular-production additions to his portfolio of resurrected archaic brands. Both are hand-made, 100% tobacco boutique premium cigars, entirely separate from his existing 7-20-4 premium line.

Both are parejos only and share several characteristics … they are crafted at Tabacos de Oriente (Danli, Honduras), with five years of aging on their tobaccos, plus six months on the finished cigars. Neither contains ligero … relying instead on the other tobaccos in the blends to gain their flavor. Their triple-capped heads prevent unraveling, and they are entubado-bunched, which avoids uneven burn and tight draws.

“Hustler” has now entered full production, following its 2012 debut and an initial trial run to test customer acceptance. Kendall advises, “The dapper rogue on the original 1890’s box label and its two-tone ‘barber pole’ wrapper have proven strong enough incentives to draw smokers to try our Hustler boutique cigar. A stack of back-orders have convinced us to add them to our portfolio.”
Hustler is presented in a high-quality Spanish cedar box ($270 MSRP), with nine cigars in each of the three compartments: 5-1/2″ x 52, 6-1/2″ x 58 and 6″ x 54. A five-pack Hustler presentation is also offered in the company’s highly-acclaimed 4-1/4″ x 40 Dog Walker shape. The company describes this new Hustler Dog Walker as a “petite barber pole.” Kendall is also offering a Hustler ten-pack which retailers can use for single-stick sales or to replenish the boxes, which make handy displays. The dual wrapper combines a robust Brazilian Mata Fina with a moderating Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut Shade leaf. The Jamastran and Jalapa filler is held in a Costa Rican binder. Kendall says the smoke is, “Medium-bodied, with the spiral wrapper providing a visual emphasis to its swirl of complex flavors and aroma.”

“Spider,” Kendall’s latest cigar, originated in the 1930s in Somersworth, New Hampshire, his home state. To test market acceptance, it was first released to a limited number of New England smoke shops in 2-011. Back in the ‘30s, it retailed for just a (silver) dime. … the 6″ x 52 (only) shape now retails for $220 per 20-cigar humidor. The presentation is a strong selling point … a furniture-grade Spanish cedar humidor, it has a glass lid that is etched with the original Spider logo.

Spider’s Jalapa (Nicaragua) wrapper is dark, oily and lightly-toothed. It holds a Jamastran (Honduras), Jalapa and Colombian filler, in a Honduran binder. Kendall describes Spider as being “medium-to-full in body and refined, with richness and complexity from start to finish. The predominant note is cocoa, and the aroma is enticing. Spider satisfies veteran smokers, but also suits mild-cigar lovers’ palates, without overwhelming them. Echoing Sullivan’s original motto, Spider is blended for every palate.”
Smokers can experience both the Hustler and Spider offerings at tobacconists nationwide, beginning in August . Kendall also hints at an upcoming Spider Dog Walker.

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Toraño Family Debuts Latest Exodus Boutique Cigar … the Limited-Production “Finite”

Exodus Finite

Toraño Family Cigar Company is releasing just 3,000 boxes of Exodus Finite, their latest boutique cigar. The cigar is a true puro, not seen from Toraño for many years. Hand-made in Nicaragua, Finite contains only Nicaraguan tobaccos from four different growing regions … their diverse flavor profiles enhance the balance and harmony between them.

Finite’s blend combines an all-Nicaraguan filler of Esteli, Condega and Ometepe tobaccos, a Jalapa binder, and Habano-seed Jalapa wrapper. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bruce Lewis, explains, “Although the wrapper and binder are both grown in Nicaragua’s Jalapa region, the wrapper is shade-grown viso and comes from a higher priming, whereas the binder is sun-grown seco and is among the first leaves picked. This blending gives the medium-bodied Finite its well-balanced character, one that hints of roasted nuts, complemented by a raisin-like sweetness. The finish is long and features a cedar note.”

Finite comes in three sizes … 4 7/8″ x 52 Robusto, 61/4″ x 52 Toro, and the popular 6″ x 60 BFC. It joins the company’s legendary Exodus “Trilogy,” which began in 2001 with the Toraño Family’s flagship cigar, Exodus 1959. President Charlie Toraño states, “The original Exodus 1959 (Gold band) is one of the industry’s best-known brands and still one of our top sellers. Its name commemorates the legendary Cuban cigar families’ 1959 flight to freedom. The Toraños were one of those families.”
Next came the Exodus Silver Edition (2002) and Exodus 1959 – 50 Years, (2009), filling out the Trilogy. Like virtually all Toraño cigar brands, these three Exodus cigars are firmly lodged at the top of the ratings industry-wide. The original Exodus 1959 placed in the “Top Five Cigars of the Year” (2006) by Cigar Aficionado, with the Exodus Silver and Exodus – 50 Years also earning ratings of 92 and 93, respectively.

Lewis adds, “Finite is a word which perfectly defines the nature of this new release. Based on the limited availability of the tobaccos we have incorporated in the blend, we knew we would only be able to make around 75,000 cigars. We have also created a unique symbol and date stamped every box, distinguishing features which will become synonymous with future limited releases under the Toraño brand.”
Exodus Finite can be seen on tobacco retailers’ shelves in early August. Manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing for the line is $8.00 to $9.00.

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“Casa Miranda Chapter Two”

Casa Miranda2
Miami, FL June 6th, 2013 – Everybody loves a good sequel, and the Casa Miranda Chapter 2 is
set to debut at IPCPR which is being held this year in Las Vegas, NV.
The follow up to the original which was made in Miami at the famed El Titan de Bronze, will be
made at My Father Cigars S.A in Esteli, Nicaragua.
According to Jason Wood; VP of Miami Cigar & Company, “Just like any great novel, our story
continues to gain momentum with the release of Chapter 2 at this years’ IPCPR. I look forward
to our consumer’s feedback on this medium bodied beauty!”
The tobacco used for this new chapter is a dark Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper with filler from Brazil,
Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.
It is available in the following sizes:
• Robusto (4.5 x 50) $6.35 MSRP
• Corona Gorda (6 x 46) $7.00 MSRP
• Toro (5.5 x 54) $ 7.60 MSRP
• Gran Toro (6 x 60) $8.00 MSRP

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Davidoff launches the Masters Edition 2013 “Club House” Toro: the perfect cigar for enjoyment over 9 holes of golf.

Davidoff Masters Edition_CIgar cutout Davidoff Masters Edition_CIgar cutout

Basel, May 2013: Davidoff tobacco masters have created these very special Limited Edition “Club House” Toro Cigars with moments of shared pleasure in mind. The connoisseur’s choice, wherever he or she is relaxing, particularly enjoying the fairways on a golf course.

Creation of the Davidoff Masters Edition 2013 “Club House” Toro

For this cigar, the Davidoff Master Blenders decided to play the long game, taking adventurous, sometimes risky, shots. They mixed rare and specially matured tobaccos, focusing on delivering delightful aromas rather than pure strength.

The majestic Gran Toro format allows the aficionado to enjoy the cigar’s intensive but balanced and nuanced taste over its entire length: the exceptional Yamasá wrapper, Mejorado filler and Ecuadorian binder develop mildly peppery and creamy notes, followed by elegant hints of chocolate, caramel and coffee.

Finally, displaying a playful elegance, both the cigar box, which is finished in high gloss white, and the second band carry a golf ball pattern.

The new Davidoff Masters Edition Club House Toro is the ultimate way to fill your time beautifully on a golf course with your friends.



This exclusive edition is limited to 7’000 boxes worldwide and the Davidoff Masters Edition 2013 “Club House” Toro can certainly be described as a collector’s item. As we all know, the perfect round of golf depends upon the choice or club and cigar.

This Limited Edition will be available from the end of May onwards in Appointed Merchants across the US.


Price:                      $21.90 (each)

Price:                     $219.00 (box of 10)

Format:                  Gran Toro

Length:                   15.9 cm, 6 ¼”

Ring gauge:             2.1 cm, 52 RG

Wrapper:                Yamasá- Marron Claro (matured for 3 years)

Binder:                   Ecuador

Filler:                     Piloto Viso, San Vicente Mejorado Seco, Piloto Mejorado Seco, San Vicente Mejorado Viso, Vicente Mejorado Viso

Aroma:                   Intensive

Strength:                Medium-strong flavour

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La Gloria Cubana® is making a bold departure from its Dominican roots with the launch of two new Nicaraguan collections, the first-ever La Glorias to have Nicaragua as the country of origin. Both expressions will mark the expansion of the top-selling Serie R line which started the large ring, full flavor craze back in 1999.

According to Michael Giannini, General Cigar’s director of innovation, “When Serie R debuted, we established a market for bold cigars, and inspired other manufacturers to follow suit. We’re shaking things up again, by further expanding the size and flavor spectrum of our cigars with two unique and different full-flavored Nicaraguan blends, each in ultra-large ring gauges. Both new collections are trend setters in the making.”

The first of the two new Nicaraguan collections is a puro called Serie R Black. The blend features viso leaves from Jalapa and Esteli, and a Jalapa viso binder. The use of Jalapa viso as a binder and in the blend speaks to the spectacular characteristics of this tobacco, which was cultivated by a small, independent grower named Pedro Joaquin Guardian. It was Pedro who took a bold step by raising the tobacco on several small, unconnected plots on the craggy Jalapa mountainside. The blend is punctuated with an audacious Jalapa ligero wrapper. Harvested from the 2009 crop, this flavorful tobacco was fermented for an entire year, and aged for two and a half years.

Serie R Black debuts with a trio of brawny frontmarks, each in 18-count boxes. This includes: No 58 (6.87” x 58, SRP $6.99); No 60 (6” x 60, SRP $7.24) and No 64 (6.25” x 64, SRP $7.49). This collection will only be available for purchase through Internet/catalog retailers.

Initial details about the second Serie R offering will be released in June, with a full reveal in July at the IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas. This new line will be a brick and mortar exclusive.

Giannini noted, “What’s also significant about both new blends is that they have the full flavor that’s characteristic of Nicaraguan tobacco, but they’re not about power. They are meant to deliver the smoking experience of a well-aged, refined and balanced Nicaraguan smoke, and we believe we’re delivering that in spades.”

About La Gloria Cubana

La Gloria Cubana cigars are produced by General Cigar Co. Inc., a division of Scandinavian Tobacco Group, which manufactures and markets handcrafted cigars for the premium market. Committed to delivering cigars of the finest quality, General Cigar’s skilled artisans produce Macanudo®, Cohiba®,  La Gloria Cubana, Punch®, CAO®, Partagas®, Hoyo de Monterrey®, Excalibur® and several other leading premium brands in the company’s Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan factories. In addition, the company cultivates proprietary tobacco which is used exclusively in its blends. General Cigar also operates Club Macanudo®, a cigar bar in New York City. Based in Richmond, VA, General Cigar sells through tobacconists nationwide and also exports select products to 62 countries. For more information, please visit www.cigarworld.com.

® La Gloria Cubana, El Credito, Macanudo, Cohiba, Punch, Partagas, Hoyo de Monterrey, Excalibur and Club Macanudo are registered trademarks of General Cigar Co. Inc.

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Journey into Davidoff Nicaragua Explore Adventure Discover

Basel, April 2013. Inspired by Zino Davidoff’s pioneering spirit, we at Davidoff Cigars have made it our mission to bring the modern aficionado a variety of taste experiences and cigar smoking pleasures. Our experts, led by master blender Hendrik “Henke” Kelner, unceasingly explore every opportunity to create new and diverse ways of ensuring time spent enjoying each and every Davidoff cigar is time beautifully filled.

For this challenge, Henke and his team embarked on a worldwide search for tobaccos that would enable us to create a unique cigar. The search landed in the tobacco fields of Nicaragua.

Preparing, curing and ageing this tobacco for 10 years with the unique expertise of Davidoff craftsmen in the Dominican Republic allowed us time to ‘tame’ the wilder tendencies of Nicaraguan tobacco and deliver a blend with intensity and excitement and all the refined sophistication you would expect from Davidoff.

The new ‘Davidoff Nicaragua’ line will come in three sizes: Toro (5 ½ inches by 50 ring), Robusto (5 by 50) and Short Corona (3 ¾ by 46), and the blend combines a 10-year old, Havana-seed wrapper with a binder from Jalapa and a filler blend of tobaccos from Estelí, Condega and the volcanic region of Ometepe. ‘Davidoff Nicaragua’ will only be available in limited quantities per year.

“This is a major step, for us to expand to a new territory” says Davidoff CEO Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard. “I wanted to develop products that were not necessarily origin-specific or rigidly tied down to one specific place. Davidoff is a brand, not a territory.”

In summary, a PURO Nicaragua with Davidoff’s signature sophistication running through it – for those who share our passion for exploration and for filling their time beautifully.

Davidoff Nicaragua’s official launch will take place during IPCPR in July 2013 in the USA.

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Press Release: CAO Brazilia Carnivale Hits Retail


CAO Brazilia Carnivale is hitting cigar shops as we speak. The 6 ½” x 60 box-pressed beauty is a limited edition release that puts an innovative spin on the popular Brazilia blend.

“Carnivale” is made with ligeros from the DR, Honduras and Nicaragua, and a binder from Brazil. The wrapper is a rare Habano Grueso leaf cultivated only in small quantities.

Rick Rodriguez who heads up blending for CAO said, “We haven’t changed any CAO blends since we took over the brand. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t put our spin on one of them. That’s exactly what we did with Carnivale…it’s my and my team’s take on Brazilia. We added a new wrapper, made the original wrapper the binder, and cranked the whole thing up with more ligero.”

You won’t miss CAO Brazilia Carnivale at your favorite cigar shop. It’s in an eye-catching, bright yellow, 12-count box, and is a must-have for the CAO collector.  Single CAO Brazilia Carnivale cigars are on sale for $8.30 until the limited supply is gone.

Rick hinted that there could be another small batch twist on the horizon for another one of CAO’s top blends.  “My team and I have been experimenting with some fantastic tobaccos, so CAO fans should be on the lookout to see what we come up with next.”

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Thurman Thomas Hall of Fame Toro Maduro Cigar Reivew

Country: Dominican Republic
Shape: Toro
Wrapper: Maduro
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Mild

MSRP: around $4

My Rating: 3.5 Stars!

TT Cigars

This is a very interesting cigar for me.  I have been a huge Thurman Thomas fan since I was a kid and collected all of this football cards.  When Stogieboys sent me some cigars influenced by him I was very interested to say the least.  Here is what the Stogieboys website says about them:

“Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas is a consummate professional.  An avid cigar enthusiast, Thurman Thomas has created this exquisite new cigar brand and StogieBoys is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Thurman Thomas Cigars.

Hand made in the Dominican Republic by the highly reputable General Cigar Company (manufacturers of well known brands such as Punch, Macanudo, Hoyo De Monterey, Partagas, and more), these cigars are masterfully blended with quality Dominican long filler tobaccos.  They are covered in a rich, dark Maduro wrapper that creates a challenging medium bodied smoke with plenty of flavor.

Smoke what the pros smoke and try a Thurman Thomas Hall of Fame cigar today.”

The cigar felt firm in the hand and the wrapper showed only a few small veins.  The pre-light was giving smells of barnyard and slight chocolate.  I clipped the end and lit it up with initial flavors of hay and a hint of sweetness from the maduro wrapper.  The beginning was good and the burn was excellent throughout the cigar, but I did sense a grassyness and a bit of harsh flavors as I got to the middle and last third.  There was also a grittiness to it that I didn’t care for.

This cigar is at a great price point and for that I say form your own opinion and smoke a few.  I guess for me I was expecting way more from my childhood hero’s cigar, but that’s probably just me being too optimistic.  I will admit mild cigars are not my thing so if it is yours, it’s definitely worth giving a try.

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JM Tobacco Debuts New JM Dominican Premium Cigar Shape … “Gordito”

JM's Dominican Lines Lo

“For years,” reports Anto Mahroukian, president of JM Tobacco, “our JM’s premium cigars have included 5.5″ x 62 Gordo and 6.75″ x 62 Gordo Grande shapes.  Now, with smokers moving to large ring-gauge shapes, we’re offering our new  Gordito, a short, fat 4″ x 62.  Gordito has joined all four existing lines of JM’s Dominicans … Connecticut Shade, Corojo, Sumatra and (Connecticut broadleaf) Maduro.  We feel this new shape will gain a following, because it delivers a 30- to-45-minute smoke that is filled with the same rich, complex flavors as our other shapes … like a Robusto, but with the extra- full flavor of a large ring-gauge cigar.”

Gordito’s tobaccos are the same as those of the existing shapes in the four lines, with 100% fully aged, Cuban-seed strains, grown in the Dominican Republic.  The cigar’s flavor profile and medium body … like the other JM’s Dominicans … are tailored to suit all smoking tastes.

The cigars come 24 to a box, in the same color schemes as the familiar JM’s Dominican offerings, with box art in color combinations that identify the blends.  MSRP for the Gordito will be announced at press time, and the first shipment will be made by JM Tobacco, in all four blends.

“This shape has always been my personal favorite,” explains Mahroukian, “so we added it to our JM’s Dominican portfolio.  Its generous 62-ring cross-section delivers a rich volume of  smoke, but our selection of tobaccos tempers the power.  Combined with its 4″ length, Gordito rewards the smoker with plenty of satisfaction in a short duration smoke.”

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Kurt A. Kendall Dips into Cigar History with 7-20-4 Cigars’ New “Hustler” Boutique Brand

Hustler Box

Kurt A. Kendall, founder of today’s 7-20-4 Cigars, has once again explored cigar history, reintroducing a second dusty brand … “Hustler” … a trademark that hails back to the late Nineteenth Century.  It follows the company’s introductions of the 7-20-4 and 1874 boutique lines.

  In 2009, Kendall breathed new life into the venerable “7-20-4″ brand name, acquiring the trademark for the original 7-20-4 line.  It was named after the 1874-founded manufacturer in Manchester, New Hampshire.  The company became the world’s largest cigar producer, until the 1962 Embargo killed its supply of Cuban tobacco.

“Hustler has a misty history,” reports Kendall, “which I’m still researching.  The brand dates back to a New York State birth in 1892.  I selected its original box art, because it almost leaps off the shelf.  It shows a dandy in full stride, toting a carpet bag and briefcase, with newspaper  and ‘bumbershoot’ under each arm.  The jaunty angle of the cigar in his grin says this guy’s a hustler, in more ways than one.”

The Spanish cedar box holds an unusual 27 cigars, divided into three compartments.  Each holds nine cigars … all parejos … in 5-1/2″ x 52, 6″ x 54 (both at $9.00 MSRP), plus 6-3/8″ x 58 ($11.00 MSRP).

Hustler, entirely separate from Kendall’s benchmark 7-20-4 line, is triple-capped for durability of their heads, and entubado-bunched, yielding a company-touted “vertical integrity” that ensures smooth draws and uniform burns.  They are made by Tabacos de Oriente in Danli, Honduras.  The tobaccos carry five years of aging, with the cigars resting another six months.  Kendall first released the line in November, and they are carried at retailers nationwide … see the “Find Our Cigars” page on the company site (www.7-20-4.com) for local 7-20-4 tobacconists.

The cigars themselves boast an  eye-catching twist … literally.  They are spirally-wrapped in a two-tone, barber-pole wrapper, with a dark and brawny Brazilian Mata Fina leaf and a contrasting tawny, Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut Shade leaf.  The heads are finished in a traditional Cuban-style  pigtail.  The Jamastran and Jalapa filler is held in a Costa Rican binder.  Hustler contains no relatively flavorless ligero, relying instead on the other tobaccos in the blends to gain its power.   Hustler is a medium-bodied smoke, with the spiral wrapper providing a visual emphasis to what Kendall calls it’s “swirl of complex flavors and aroma.”

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J Grotto Silk Robusto Cigar Review

Country: Honduras & Nicaragua
Shape: Robusto
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
Filler: Honduras & Nicaragua
Strength: Mild

MSRP: around $7

My Rating: 4 Stars!

J. Grotto Silk

Thanks to Paul Joyal for the samples to be able to try this great J.Grotto line.  The Reserve is the part of the line that I reviewed earlier in the year and I really enjoyed it.  I was pretty excited to hear about the silk version and couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.  The cigar looks great, feels good in the hand and has very small veins running through it.

The flavors from this cigar are different from what you would expect from a Connecticut shade wrapper.  I noticed hints of spice and some nutmeg.  The burn was razor sharp throughout and needed no touch ups.  This was an excellent cigar and also came through with notes of butter and cream.  I would recommend this smoke to all levels of leaf lovers.

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Press Release: Davidoff Unveils 2012 Holiday Gift Collection

For the first time,Davidoff will offer the perfect range of cigar gifts for the holidays Davidoff reveals the perfect holiday gifting solution for the first time in the  brand’s history. Perfect for the Davidoff aficionado, gifts include festive holiday sleeves wrapping an array of Davidoff cigars as well as accessories from the brand.  Whether shopping for dad, friends or colleagues, the assortment features a variety of price points to allow the perfect gift for everyone.  The holiday designs will adorn some of the brand’s assortment packs, including the Robusto Collection, Tubos Assortment and the 9-­‐Cigar Assortment, as well as its Puro d’Oro series 10-­‐count boxes. Holiday items are now available nationwide at Davidoff Appointed Merchants, just in time to give the perfect gift.

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Press Release: Davidoff Releases 2013 “Year Of The Snake” Edition

2013 is represented in the Chinese calendar by the sign of the snake. To mark the occasion,Davidoff has created the new “Year of the Snake” edition of cigars with three fine limited edition accessories.

Basel, November 2012. At the start of the Chinese Year of the Snake (February 10, 2013), Davidoff is launching the new 2013 “Year of the Snake” Edition cigars with exclusive limited-edition accessories. In the Chinese calendar, the sixth of the twelve Chinese signs of the zodiac is characterized as wise and graceful. The Snake is the quintessential symbol for intelligence and profundity. Particularly delicate and fine when depicted in a figure of eight, it has become one of the most popular decorations in all of Asia, not only for its unique symmetry but also because it carries the promise of infinity, material prosperity and luck. It is said that Snake-people like to possess the finer things in life.

Premium cigar brand Davidoff is also synonymous with luxury and the total “crop to shop” concept. “Year of the Snake” is, therefore, not only the unusual name given to the new limited edition, but also the connection of quintessential wisdom and stylish quality
awareness with Davidoff.

Integrating these characteristics into an aroma represents a challenge for the Davidoff Master Blender: namely, to combine particularly old tobaccos to successfully create three layers of flavor – from floral nuances reminiscent of honey, to caramel, and finally to peppery notes of wood or nut, whilst also providing a captivating quality…. highly aromatic, with light-medium strength and Cuban thickness, the cigar develops a charming creaminess due to the Ecuadorian binder. The impressive Churchill format makes for a long smoking experience punctuated with the delicacy and refinement of a cigar with charisma. The octagonal, red lacquered wooden box containing eight cigars will provide pleasure in the coming year.

The cultural background of this 2013 “Year of the Snake” Edition is every bit as fascinating as its aesthetic appearance: The “White Snake Story”, the Chinese love story still extremely popular today, can trace its origins back to a legend from the Ming dynasty (1368 AD) and, amongst other things, has inspired Davidoff’s new cigar — a cigar that preserves its cultural heritage whilst using passion and attention to detail to unlock the spirit of a dynamic, global environment. Those who fall in love with this cigar have no sense of superficiality. The fine, profound 2013 “Year of the Snake” Edition is for aficionados who smoke intelligently. The uniqueness of this luxurious edition with a double ring speaks for itself. It is limited to 4,500 pieces and is available at Appointed Merchants beginning in December 2012.

Davidoff 2013 “Year Of The Snake” Edition
Format Churchill
Length 7”
Diameter 48 RG
Wrapper Ecuador 702
Binder San Vicente Seco
Filler Piloto Seco, San Vicente Ligero, Piloto Viso, Hybrid 192 Seco/Yamasá
Price USD $29.90 per cigar
USD $239.20 (wooden box of 8)
Media Contact:

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Press Release: New J. Grotto “Lancero Limitado” Boutique Premium Cigar is Now Shipping

Ocean State Cigars’ new Lancero Limitado shape (7-1/2″ x 41) is now available for shipment to retailers, following a three-month delay.  Tobacconists can receive shipments of J. Grotto Reserve Lancero Limitados in time for holiday shopping.  The boutique premium cigar was planned to debut and ship to retailers at IPCPR time, but suffered delays at Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas, the Honduran manufacturer.  According to Paul Joyal, Ocean State Cigars’ founder, “The factory is suffocating under success, having been swamped with orders, due to the reputation they’ve earned for quality and performance.  It’s understandable, based on the ratings for their core client, Alec Bradley Cigars, as well as our and other private-label brands .  The good news is that they’re catching up with demand.  Our present cigars are now flowing, with a new J. Grotto cigar set to be announced soon.”

The Lancero Limitado parejo joins the four existing shapes in the J. Grotto Reserve line, and shares the same blend, which has garnered top ratings since their introduction last year.  The filler is Honduran-grown ligero and Nicaraguan-grown Jalapa, while the binder and wrapper are Honduran-grown Criollo 98 and 99, respectively.  The cigars are entubado-bunched, and the heads have a traditional Cuban pigtail.  Joyal reports the new shape promises to be the company’s signature cigar.  “Sampling this initial shipment,” he says, “has shown them to be incredibly rich and complex, more so than any of our other cigars.  Their power underpins their equally full flavor profile, and doesn’t intrude or overwhelm the palate.  For the connoisseur, the predominant flavors are toast, earthiness and chocolate, with an abundance of more subtle notes.”

With a very limited production of only 1,000 cigars, the Lancero Limitado is exclusively for events hosted by J. Grotto retailers.  Only four boxes of ten cigars are available per event.  Their manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $7.95.

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Press Release: Zander-Greg Announces New Superpremium Cigar With a Simple “Just Compare It”

Zander-Greg has just debuted their new Nat Cicco HHB superpremium cigar.  It comes in three sizes: 7-1/4″ x 52, 6-1/4″ x 56 and 5-1/4″ x 54. They share a pigtail-capped head and a foot that is enclosed within the wrapper.  Both features are also common to Zander-Greg’s just-introduced Aniversario 1965, which celebrates the year the Nat Cicco (SEEK-oh) “Rejects” were born … the original value-priced cigar based on the oft-copied “Rejects” theme.

HHB has an Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut Shade leaf wrapper, with a Nicaraguan binder and filler.  The cigar is well-balanced and full-bodied.  The result is a smoke that the company describes as “robust, but creamy- smooth, very flavorful and elegantly aromatic.”  The cigar’s performance and opulent presentation have prompted Zander-Greg to confidently compare it to Cuba’s vaunted Cohiba Behike, which retails for over $50 a cigar.  HHB’s presentation befits its $14.00 manufacturer’s suggested retail price … a black “piano-finish,” furniture-grade Spanish cedar humidor-style box, holding ten nude cigars.

In only five years since buying and reintroducing the dormant Nat Cicco Reject brand, Zander-Greg has systematically climbed the ladder to market recognition and acceptance.  Rejects are machine-made with homogenized binder, but still trump their short-filler competitors .. Rejects’ extra-select, medium-length Cameroon, Connecticut, Honduran and Dominican remnants come from some of America’s most prestigious and sought-after premiums.

Cuban Legends, their first 100%-prime-leaf, handmade premium, retailing at under $2.50, has been their next success, fueled by the sagging economy.  In early 2012, the company unveiled the Nat Cicco Aniversario 1965 vintage cigar, with a competitive retail price of $6.00.  It is also gaining ground rapidly, according to a company spokesman.

Zander-Greg’s ambitious 2013 advertising campaign will introduce HHB to smokers and retailers alike, to help build a network of participating shops.  The company is also actively promoting their cigars with in-store events nationwide.

Nat Cicco HHB is making a beachhead on the superpremium and Havana market, with smokers being asked to “Just compare it … especially to Cuba’s Cohiba Behike.”

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